Sztuka Komunikacji Poza Słowami

In a world inundated with words and noise, our mimes remind us of the power of the unspoken. Mimello offers a wide range of services tailored to your individual needs and occasions. Here’s what we can offer you:

Custom Pantomime Etudes:

  • Personalized stories that convey a unique narrative – from touching moments like a young couple’s encounter to captivating time-traveling adventures showcasing a company’s history or a jubilarian’s life achievements.
  • An ideal, unexpected gift or attraction that uniquely honors every important moment.

Mimes in Action – Living Scenography in the Crowd:

  • They bridge connections between guests at corporate events, helping break the ice in crowded settings.
  • They enrich every gathering, adding subtle charm and humor reminiscent of French films.
  • At conferences, they add humor to speeches by miming the spoken content, which is an ideal way to “animate” dull CEO speeches.
  • They are versatile – they can be discreet observers or actively engage with guests.

Stage Performances:

They present meticulously crafted etudes that tell stories full of emotions, humor, and surprises. The entire performance focuses on body language and interaction with the audience, often encouraging participation in the action.

Costumes and Characterization:

Although our mime is most commonly associated with the classic French attire – stripes, suspenders, and a beret or bowler hat – let’s remember that a mime is an actor who can embody various characters, both known from iconic films and specially created for your event.

In Practice – Where Can You Encounter Our Mimes?

At Banquets:

  • They welcome entering guests with a smile.
  • They assist in presenting awards or introduce winners on stage.
  • They invite guests to the dance floor for shared fun.
  • They pose for group souvenir photos or short films.

At Trade Shows:

  • They attract the attention of visitors by presenting them with amusing etudes.
  • They entertain people at booths, such as those waiting for a salesperson to return with a brochure.

After the Wedding and During the Reception:

  • They entertain guests while waiting in line to give their wishes.
  • They pose for group photos, of which there are always hundreds.

Mimes in TV Productions and Media:

  • Our pantomime stars easily adapt to the needs of television, adding incredible energy and originality to breakfast shows, music videos, and entertainment programs for both adults and children.
  • We proudly boast of our longstanding collaboration with television and media; our mimes often shine in TV commercials, are invited to participate in popular programs, and more.
  • The modern world of media has opened new doors for our artists, who successfully conduct influencer campaigns, combining traditional pantomime arts with a modern approach to communication. However, despite all modern forms of expression, mime remains an eternal classic, whose charm never fades.

Whether you choose mimes for crowd animation or the stage, each of them brings depth, magic, and unforgettable moments to your event. Mimello is ready to make your event unique and unforgettable. Contact us, and together we will create a one-of-a-kind spectacle.