Pablo Escobar Narcos

Pablo z "Narcos" - Ikona Latynoskiej Pop Kultury na Twoim Evencie

When we think of South America, our imagination is shaped by its vibrant cultures, stunning landscapes, and of course… pop culture icons. One undeniable symbol is the figure of Pablo Escobar – not as a drug lord, but as a character who became a legend through cinema.

Classic with an Authentic Twist: Our actor perfectly embodies the role of Pablo, combining all the characteristic features we know from the series ‘Narcos’. From jeans and sneakers to distinctive mustache and hair. And of course – pockets full of (fake) dollars and a unique Latin accent.

Top-notch Entertainment: Although the character of Pablo had its dark sides in reality, in our interpretation, we focus primarily on fun and authenticity. Our actor will certainly amaze the guests, adding an authentic atmosphere to any South American-style event.

Excellent Live Set in Action: Rest assured, our proposal provides live scenery that will capture the attention of all guests and linger in their memories for a long time. It’s a perfect way to add a touch of Latin glamour to your event!

Safety and Professionalism: We want to emphasize that our emphasis is on entertainment and culture, not promoting any controversial aspects of Pablo Escobar’s life. Our offer is aimed at those who want to add a unique character to their event in a fully professional and responsible manner.

Let Your Event Embrace a Latin Vibe!: If you’re looking for something unconventional to truly infuse your event with a Latin vibe, Mimello has the perfect solution for you. Let’s ensure unforgettable experiences for your guests together!

Wide Range of Characters: At Mimello, we specialize in embodying various characters – from the Addams Family, through Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga, to Charlie Chaplin. Pablo is just one of our many proposals that will surely liven up any party and make it an unforgettable event.